Cheap, high quality batteries and parts for your iRobot Scooba and Roomba and for other robotcleaners


Batteries and parts for iRobot Roomba and Scooba, and for other robotcleaners

Here is your online source for  inexpensive, high-quality batteries and other parts for your iRobot Roomba, Scooba, Neato, Navibot, Kärcher and other robotcleaners

All parts are offered at a much, much lower prices than the prices of the original parts.

In addition, we offer often batteries with a substiantially higher capacity than the original batteries, which means that your robotcleaner will run much longer with one battery charge.  For several robotcleaners, we offer Li-ion replacement batteries.  These Li-ion batteries have in general a 2-4 times longer lifetime than the original NiMh batteries.  All batteries are brand new and produced at ISO9001 certified facilities. 

The total shipping & handling costs are kept as low as possible.  We ship to most countries of the European Comunity. Shipping costs are specified under "Delivery costs";

Since we are located in Belgium, there are no extra costs for import duties, etc !!!
Payment methods are Paypal and bank transfer.
If you have any question, please use the contact form and we will reply the same or the next working day.
We understand English, Dutch, German, French and Swedish.